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The goal is to continue the story, not simply repeat it. - I currently build guitars of my own design using both traditional and unique methods of construction. Each guitar is handcrafted without the use of computer controlled machines or pre-fabricated components and is finished using the traditional method of French polishing shellac. Each guitar is designed in collaboration with the customer and it can be optimized to meet the specific desires and needs of the individual player. Wood selection, measurements, set up, playing style, and other variables are considered when designing and building the instrument.


Two models of instrument are available to further enhance the experience of the player. An arched-back model designed for power and responsiveness and a solid-back model designed for a more traditional tone with ample volume and projection. 


The guitars are not typically heavily adorned and present a simple but elegant aesthetic. Various metals are used for the rosette and for other decorative elements that add a unique touch to the guitar. There are many options available allowing you to create a guitar that is uniquely yours and I invite you to view some of the available options.

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