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I began building guitars in 2004 in Atlanta, GA and moved with my wife to Berlin, Germany in 2014 where I continue to work today.


I began building guitars as a hobby while working full-time as a mental health therapist. I converted my bedroom into a workshop and built my first instruments there. My guitars generated interest and I soon received enough commissions to work  as a guitar maker full-time in 2006.


My self-directed approach to lutherie has given me the opportunity to create guitars that are uniquely mine. I began building traditional Torres-style instruments, and later worked with lattice, double top, and various designs of my own. My experiences have led to the development of a distinctively designed instrument that borrows from both traditional and modern concepts of guitar construction.

The move to Europe has given me the opportunity to work with and learn from some of the most talented guitar builders in the world. Berlin, specifically, is home to numerous young and innovative luthiers that have inspired a new and interesting perspective for my work.

I continue to develop new ideas and concepts related to both guitar construction and guitar acoustics. I remain humbled by the complexities and beauty of the craft and I am thankful for all of the people that have supported and encouraged me along this journey. 

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